diy gift basket

The Cheapest and Most Practical DIY Gift Baskets

The best gifts are those that are well thought out and carefully chosen. Whether it’s for a friend or a family member, on a birthday, or because it’s Christmas, getting the right gifts is a wholesome experience for all involved. And few gift options can match a DIY gift basket that’s put together with care and consideration.

To help you get the ideal gift for your recipients, we’ve carefully created this list of the best DIY gift baskets that can fit any budget out there.

1.    DIY Toddler Gift Basket

If you have friends or family who have toddlers or pre-schoolers running around the house, a DIY gift basket is easy to make. Get some toy tree blocks, a wooden peg doll family, and maybe a Rainbow People matching game. Throw in a few candies and whatever else you can think of to complete the basket. This combo is among the most popular and einzigartige Geburtstagsgeschenke für 1 Jährige Jungen or older.

2.    DIY Doggy Gift Basket

Dog lovers spend both time and money caring for their canine companions. Make their day by putting together a basket of doggy treats, kibbles, chew-bone, and a chew-toy. Other practical additions like a pooping bag or a tennis ball can also be really handy.

3.    Box of Sunshine Gift

This sunny-themed collection of items will brighten up any gloomy day, and it’s super cheap. You can add more chips and candy or chocolates and napkins to make the box even more appealing.

4.    Pink and Purple Spa Gift

No, we don’t mean an actual trip to the spa. As great as that would be, it may break the budget-friendly alternatives we’re looking for here. Instead, the Pink and Purple Gift set is a miniature ‘spa’ gift set that comes with nail polish, lip balms, a scrubby, and a cute little mirror. Find a pink or purple basket to put all the contents in, and your DIY gift is ready. This one’s perfect if you have nieces or friend’s daughters in their tweens.

5.    DIY Coffee Gift Basket

This one’s a bit generic, but it’s still a valuable gift for any coffee lover. Simply put together a list of coffee varieties, flavors, a mug, and maybe snacks that go well with coffee. Feel free to add anything that you know the recipient will love.

6.    DIY New Mommy Gift Basket

If you have a close friend who’s expecting or who recently began the journey of motherhood, a new mommy gift set can be a perfect choice. Include a foot cream, stretch cream, body wash, and any other essential oil you like. Wrap it up in a small basket and add a congratulatory note to complete your gift set!

7.    DIY Griller’s Gift Basket

This one’s for the backyard dad who simply loves to grill! And you don’t necessarily need to go overboard with the contents. Get a variety of glazes, sauces, and marinades to make up the chunk of the basket. Add a handy fire-starter or Looft lighter. To top it off, add one or two varieties of cheese or peppers (or both) and see your dad smiling ear to ear!

8.    DIY Bridal Shower Gift Basket

If you have a friend soon to be married, a carefully compiled gift basket can make their bridal shower even more meaningful. You can go for generic items like candles, soaps, and creams. Or you can add more personalized items like old pictures, a Mrs-to-be name tag, and an old-fashioned tiara. You know your friend better than we do, so don’t hesitate to add a personal touch to your DIY Bridal shower gift basket.