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Interior Wall Hanging Design Elements

You can change the look of your home or office space quickly, without spending thousands of dollars, by replacing neglected or outdated interior design elements with new wall hanging options. Homeowners may enjoy such a room transformation without sacrificing comfort, since wall hanging decorating ideas are adaptable to any area. Many modern decorating themes make use of this feature and can be easily incorporated into almost any room. Here are some easy decorating ideas by Everything Golden for your next office overhaul:

Go for large-scale Art Smaller works of art that are properly displayed on a wall will instantly add visual interest and establish the mood in a small room. Try a colorful photograph in an opulent environment or add contrasting color with an equally striking abstract piece. Create a showcase wall display with a series of carefully selected photographs or other wall art, or add other wall hangings and ephemera to the room. If you’re trying to create a transitional space, make use of bold patterns, as well.

Larger wall hang mirrors are a versatile addition to almost any room. Hang mirrors in rooms featuring dark colors or fabrics; larger mirrors, particularly those that are framed, can make a room feel taller and larger. For small spaces, consider hanging mirrors on the wall that have unique frames. Similarly, for a child’s room, choose bright frame hang mirrors to give the room a cheerful air.

Three-Dimensional Wall Decor Wall decoration ideas incorporate three-dimensional elements, such as texture and color. Create works of art using your computer, or enlist the aid of a professional to design wall decoration ideas for your living room or office. Select shapes from your computer, such as rectangles, ovals, and squares. Try to incorporate different textures, such as smooth and rough surfaces, to create a look reminiscent of crumbled stone. For an extra special touch, use glitter to create a three-dimensional effect on a wall.

DIY Wall Decor Ideas Interior decorating ideas can also take the form of DIY wall decor, which utilizes items found at home and online stores. Coroplast, corncobs, and stucco are just a few options for DIY wall decoration. Coroplast can be used to build shelves or to line a walk-in closet, for example. Coronnas made of stained glass are a popular DIY project for homeowners. Stained glass is easily created, although you may need a special type of glass cutting equipment to achieve the elaborate designs you see in home decorating magazines and online.

Butterfly Wall Art Butterflies is three-dimensional and colorful, making them excellent choices for DIY wall hanging projects. Consider a butterfly wall art project for a dramatic effect in an entryway or bedroom. Transform bland walls with standard color walls into an inviting space with butterfly wall art. Project a living room or kitchen by hanging three-dimensional butterflies from clothes lines or the backs of appliances.

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