hand printed napkin made from recycled paper

Hand Printed Napkin Guide

If you want to preserve food and other dishes for future use, then a Hand Printed Napkin Guide is a must have. The guide gives step by step instructions, which can be followed by the novice. It helps in proper handling of napkins. It will also save your time and money, by avoiding repeated mistakes, which can be made by using old napkins. It’s the best solution for people who are on a tight budget, as well as people who love using new things, such as the new ones.

Hand printed or acorn block printing, by its very name, is a guide for people to know how to handle their new found treasure. These napkins are cleaned in cold water and then washed with a detergent solution, and dried flat. Do not iron. Let dry flat before ironing if needed. If any blemishes are found, let them dry completely before using. Iron the napkins after they have been cleaned and dried.

The guide shows that the hand printed napkins should be washed only in cold water. It is suggested to soak for about five minutes. This ensures that all stain as well as dirt is removed from the napkins. Use a soft brush to brush off the excess water and then set the napkins to dry in an area where there is some air flow. The guide further advises that the napkins should not be soaked for longer than twenty minutes.

In addition to this, the guide clearly lays out the guidelines to be followed while cutting the design and then printing it on the napkin. The steps are clearly divided in different groups, such as the top and bottom border, center, and inside page. The instructions on how to handle borders are also discussed in detail. For printing on the inner page, first of all the border should be sized to fit the width of the paper. Once the size has been finalized, the border can be lined up. If not, a new border can be traced on the paper.

After all the steps for cutting, printing and lining up have been completed, the hand printed napkins can be cleaned in a mild detergent. The guide further emphasizes on not to dry the napkins completely. Drying the napkins leaves them brittle and can break easily. The final step in cleaning hand printed napkins is to fold them back neatly into the original square shape and keep them in zippered covers. These are the general methods that could be used by an amateur in order to create their own custom hand printed napkins.

However, if one has a skill in designing and creating these napkins, it would be easier to do so. There are lots of websites on the internet that offer tutorials on how to create your own hand printed napkins. One can even get a template that will help one make a great presentation. In addition to that, other than websites, there are also good books available that offer practical tips and guidelines on how to make hand-printed napkins. They are very useful and practical!

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