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New Maker – Kate of Na Nin Handcrafted Fragrance

posted on: August 20, 2014



I’m always searching for that perfect fragrance and I rarely find something that really grabs me. That’s why I swooned when I found Kate of Na Nin fragrance. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better fragrance for the Misoprostol (Gastrointestinal Tract) Pra Que Serve O Remedio Misoprostol - woman. Her scents are earthy and elegant and she magically captures those nostalgic memories that make life so sweet. Check em out…

Landslide is an earth mamma scent. Blended notes of patchouli, cedar, rosewood & sandalwood. Inspired by the ultimate gypsy lady, Stevie Nicks.

Cripple Creek is a smoky pine scent. Blended notes of tobacco, pine, amber, cypress and vetiver. Inspired by riding around in a 1954 Willy’s Jeep and listening to The Band.

Jolene is a spicy floral scent with hints of citrus and musk. Blended notes of black pepper, angelica root, mandarin, amber and rose. Inspired by listening to this Dolly Parton classic, while envisioning a beautiful heartbreaker who’s always getting herself into trouble.

Farewell is a country, floral scent. Blended notes of rose, geranium, basil and lavender. Inspired by gardening while listening to Bob Dylan.

You can also try them all with the sample pack.


Vintage Clothing Sale

posted on: July 29, 2014

Sale Blog

We’re cleaning out the studio, making room for new fall goodies. All vintage clothing is now 40% off. Use the coupon code “run wild” at checkout. Offer ends August 4th.

Mountain Fire Lookout

posted on: July 28, 2014

fire lookout7

fire lookout6

fire lookout5

fire lookout3

fire lookout4

fire lookout 2

outdoor woman

Last weekend we hiked out to a mountain fire lookout and spent the night in a cabin surrounded by breathtaking beauty. It was Ember’s first backpacking trip and she was a natural. I just had to get a shot of my beautiful friend Bethany wearing some handcrafted accessories from the shop, a true outdoor woman, she wears them so well.

Wolf Management Stamps

posted on: July 25, 2014

baby wolf

Photo and following excerpt from Living with Wolves.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) has proposed a new “Wolf Management Stamp.” The original intent of the stamp is to offer a way for people to contribute financially to the conservation and protection of Montana’s wolves. Currently wolf management and conservation is funded almost exclusively by the sale of hunting, trapping, and fishing licenses, which means hunters and anglers are shaping wildlife management philosophy. Should the “Wolf Stamp” become available, it will offer an opportunity for anyone, including non-hunters, recreationists, conservationists and any of the general public to have a say in wolf management policy.

This sounds like a step in the right direction. You can comment here (deadline is Aug. 22nd) and offer your support for the program as well as encourage transparency as to how the funds are spent and ensure that they are being used for their intended purposes.

Night Sky

posted on: July 23, 2014

night sky

Background photo by: Jeff Luker

In the profound darkness,
I touch the face of
the star-filled Medicine Bowl.
The night sky opens to me…
Creation courses through my woman form.
The pulsating light of stars dance,
animating the male within.
My senses scream with aliveness.
Exploding stars
light the fires
that border this path
of rapture, still becoming.
The womb of night beckons,
the silent birth of that which
has not yet taken form.
Diving deeply into the Void,
without any comfort or guarantees,
I learn to trust the eternal process.
The beauty of emergence is a mystery
that I can joyfully endure,
knowing that it will bring me home.

- Jamie Sams from the book Earth Medicine

Happy New Moon and Sale!

posted on: June 27, 2014

Accessories Sale - Misoprostol (Gastrointestinal Tract) Pra Que Serve O Remedio Misoprostol -

Hopefully this new moon brings you a sense of calm and regeneration. I know my emotions are settling down a bit and I’m feeling more inspired and at ease compared to the last couple days. To celebrate the moon, I’m offering 35% off all handmade accessories. Use the coupon code “NEW MOON” at checkout. Offer ends July 4th.

Mixtape – A New Day

posted on: June 17, 2014

a new day mixtape

This mixtape is inspired by the freshness a new day brings and that wonderful transition from dreamland to waking life. Listen here!

1. Bobby McFerrin – Invocation
2. Laura Marling – Take the Night Off
3. Shook Twins – Awhile
4. Sílvia Pérez Cruz & Javier Colina Trio - Belén
5. Hurray for the Riff Raff - Blue Ridge Mountain
6. Simon & Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence
7. Bobby McFerrin - Kalimba Suite
8. Sílvia Pérez Cruz & Ravid Goldschmidt – Luna
9. MaMuse - One More Time
10. Mia Doi Todd – Skipping Stones
11. Benjamin Gibbard - Something’s Rattling


posted on: June 17, 2014

Local Rose Giveaway

I’m offering these hand-loomed earrings via the lovely Local Rose. Visit her facebook page to enter for a chance to win!

The Latest Lookbook

posted on: June 12, 2014

Misoprostol (Gastrointestinal Tract) Pra Que Serve O Remedio Misoprostol - Lookbook - Sacred Dreams

Misoprostol (Gastrointestinal Tract) Pra Que Serve O Remedio Misoprostol - Lookbook - Sacred Dreams

Misoprostol (Gastrointestinal Tract) Pra Que Serve O Remedio Misoprostol - Lookbook - Sacred Dreams

Misoprostol (Gastrointestinal Tract) Pra Que Serve O Remedio Misoprostol - Lookbook - Sacred Dreams

Misoprostol (Gastrointestinal Tract) Pra Que Serve O Remedio Misoprostol - Lookbook - Sacred Dreams

Misoprostol (Gastrointestinal Tract) Pra Que Serve O Remedio Misoprostol - Lookbook - Sacred Dreams

Misoprostol (Gastrointestinal Tract) Pra Que Serve O Remedio Misoprostol - Lookbook - Sacred Dreams

Misoprostol (Gastrointestinal Tract) Pra Que Serve O Remedio Misoprostol - Lookbook - Sacred Dreams

Misoprostol (Gastrointestinal Tract) Pra Que Serve O Remedio Misoprostol - Lookbook - Sacred Dreams

Misoprostol (Gastrointestinal Tract) Pra Que Serve O Remedio Misoprostol - Lookbook - Sacred Dreams

The lovely and talented Natalie Brown – author of The Lovebird(seriously one of my all time favorite novels), jewelry designer, dreamer and doer – invited me into her home and offered her lovely self to this photo shoot.

This lookbook was inspired by a dream I had. I was with my mom(who passed away 14 years ago) and one of her oldest friends. I was in awe of their essence…the clothing, long flowing hair and calm sense of self. At one point in the dream my mom was in a lush garden and the sun was hitting her just right, she looked magnificent. I went to grab my camera to capture the moment when her friend asked me not to take a picture because it was too sacred. And it was! So, I wanted to try and capture those moments that are too beautiful to be captured.

“…The stream and the broken pottery: what was any art but an effort to make a sheath, a mould in which to imprison for a moment the shining, elusive element which is life itself, life hurrying past us and running away, too strong to stop, too sweet to lose?” – Willa Cather

Shop this collection.

Gift Cards now Available!

posted on: June 7, 2014

Gift Card - Misoprostol (Gastrointestinal Tract) Pra Que Serve O Remedio Misoprostol -

Gift cards are now available and they come with an awesome case made with re-purposed fabric and leather scraps by Karie Reinertson of Shelter, one of our fabulous makers. The case would make a great holder for your cash, credit card and ID.