Insulin And Metformin Together

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Susan Connor

posted on: October 22, 2014

Susan Connor via Insulin And Metformin Together (Glucophage/Metformin), Metformin And Insulin Interaction Blog

I want to fill my home with Susan Connor’s beautiful works, aptly described as having a “modern vibe with relaxed simplicity,” perfection!

Mary Oliver

posted on: October 21, 2014

Little Deer from Insulin And Metformin Together (Glucophage/Metformin), Metformin And Insulin Interaction Blog


Then the deer stepped from the woods. It walked from the shadows under the trees into a clear space. Antlers sprang from it’s brow, each with five or six tines. From the antlers, from each tine, green leaves were growing, as if from branches of a tree.

The deer stood without moving, brutish and graceful as deer alive in the daylight, except that its heavy, elaborate head was carrying, upon the usal curvatures of horn, these branches, this fountain of leaves.

The it turned and vanished. In shyness, perhaps. Or simply because we get no more than such dreamy chances to look upon the real world. The great door opens a crack, a hint of the truth is given—so bright it is almost death,  a joy we can’t bear—and then it is gone.

- Mary Oliver

My husband and I were lucky enough to get a glimpse of this lovely baby deer sleeping in the field near out house.

Styling by Local Milk

posted on: October 20, 2014

Handmade Tool Roll Styled by Local Milk for Insulin And Metformin Together (Glucophage/Metformin), Metformin And Insulin Interaction

I am a huge fan of Local Milk, a magic combination of true style, inspired food, poetic writing and a bit of mysticism, created by the lovely Beth Kirby. So, I was beyond honored that she agreed to collaborate with me and style this Handmade Tool Roll (available in the shop), a must have for artists and craftspeople.


Dark Tunes – Mixtape

posted on: October 17, 2014

Dark Tunes Mixtape - Insulin And Metformin Together (Glucophage/Metformin), Metformin And Insulin Interaction

In the spirit of late Fall, a time when we grieve summer and death, I’ve put together a mix of darker tunes. This one has a nod to “Dia De Los Muertos,” a holiday that I prefer over Halloween. Listen here!

Track List:

1. Cat Power – Werewolf
2. Jason Edwards – Holy Doom
3. Los Plantronics – Dia De Los Muertos
4. Pink Floyd – Time
5. Willie Nelson – Gravedigger
6. Jason Edwards – Bourbon / Quest
7. Ozomatli – Cumbia De Los Muertos
8. Chavela Vargas – La Llorna
9. Towns Van Zandt – Snake Song
10. Dan Zanes and Lila Downs – La Bruja

Hand Dyed

posted on: October 10, 2014

hand-dyed scarves - Insulin And Metformin Together (Glucophage/Metformin), Metformin And Insulin Interaction

I just finished some hand dyed scarves using a soy wax relief method. Available in the shop! Wildberrry / Strokes of Midnight / Painting with Clay

Medicine Cards

posted on: October 9, 2014

Medicine Cards - Insulin And Metformin Together (Glucophage/Metformin), Metformin And Insulin Interaction Blog

I love these Medicine Cards. My mom used them and I thought it was weird, along with the sage burning, women’s circles and ceremonies. Now, I understand and have reverence for it all. This book in particular has brought me so much inspiration and comfort recently. I’ll draw a card and the animal and it’s medicine speak directly to what I’m going through. It also deepens my love and connection to animals and the spirit world. Does anyone else use these cards? How do you find comfort and revel in the Mystery?

The animal cards fit perfectly in this handmade pouch, available in the shop!

Cozy Knits

posted on: October 5, 2014

Handmade + Vintage - Insulin And Metformin Together (Glucophage/Metformin), Metformin And Insulin Interaction

A cozy little vintage + handmade outfit, available in the shop! Vintage Silk Angora Sweater $52 / Vintage Knit Alpaca Skirt $65 / Handmade ORB Necklace $75 / Vintage Mini Jute Bag $35 / Handcrafted Sunglasses $105

Pastrana Studio

posted on: October 3, 2014

Pastrana Studio via Insulin And Metformin Together (Glucophage/Metformin), Metformin And Insulin Interaction Blog

Pastrana Studio via Insulin And Metformin Together (Glucophage/Metformin), Metformin And Insulin Interaction Blog

Pastrana Studio via Insulin And Metformin Together (Glucophage/Metformin), Metformin And Insulin Interaction Blog

Pastrana Studio via Insulin And Metformin Together (Glucophage/Metformin), Metformin And Insulin Interaction Blog

I find it’s really difficult to find beautiful + functional furniture. You either have to totally luck out, and score on a vintage piece with solid craftsmanship and minimal design, or search through a sea of bulky, shoddily made furniture made…who knows where. That’s why, it’s so refreshing to see Pastrana Studio. I think I need that Planter Stand to keep Ember from tearing up my plants.

Discovered on Tomboy Style.

Fall Wardrobe Staples

posted on: October 1, 2014

Fall Wardrobe Staples - Insulin And Metformin Together (Glucophage/Metformin), Metformin And Insulin Interaction

The turn of a new season is the perfect time to streamline your closet. It’s a time to pull out your old loves and maybe add a few to freshen things up. These are my go-to’s this fall…

1. A quality blazer will stay with you forever. I love the muted olive green color of this Vintage Wool Blazer.

2. Every closet needs a good plaid. This one sets itself apart from the sea of plaids with off center buttons and sweet little details that make vintage so special. 

3.  I love this clutch because it has an earthy, elegant feel. The indigo is classic yet has some boho interest with the hand dyed treatment.

4. Our model wore a pair of high waisted black skinny jeans during our last photo shoot and they literally went with everything.

5. A good denim shirt you could wear everyday in a new way and it would always feel fresh. Layer with more denim, tie at the waist over a maxi dress, or tuck it in to a pencil skirt paired with heels for a high fashion look.

6. Simple, elegant stud earrings are an easy, everyday choice, especially for mammas who’s babes like to grab for flashy dangling things.

7. A good pair of shoes can set the tone for your whole style. I love these classic wood handmade clogs I found on Etsy.

Little Yellow House

posted on: September 29, 2014


I try and always write down my dreams first thing in the morning. I love the ritual, savoring that transition between dream life and waking life. I believe there is much we can discover about our innermost selves from our dreams. Recently I started experimenting with poetry, so I started writing my dreams in verse and I was delighted at how much more I could gleam from the dream. Instead of trying to decode the symbolism or metaphor from the dream, I felt I was able to tap into the essence of the dream. Do any of you record your dreams?

The following poem is in response to a dream I keep having…

Little Yellow House

This dream, again?

Mike and I have moved into that little yellow house in Moscow, Idaho.
The house where I spent my most formidable years.

The house is filled with junk
all tucked away in corners and closets.
The piles haunt me.

What to do with it all.
The stuff we shove away in our minds
that bleed into our souls.

My mom is there
sadness permeates the air – we order pizza.

The horses (on loan) are frightened
by the party next door
so I bring them inside
too big for this little house.

Mike is irritated – he wants to fix the leaky roof.
I tell him we should leave instead.
We should leave all this junk behind.

Knowing – I’ll just have to return to this dream
only to attend to bigger piles.

Original photo found on Design Sponge