Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft

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Yoga + Dance Mixtape

posted on: April 18, 2014

yoga + dance

Since my daughter was born, I have a hard time making it to a yoga or dance class. I put this mixtape together in an effort to get my body movin’ at home. Enjoy!


posted on: April 11, 2014


Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - 2

Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - 5

Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - 7

Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - 6

Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - 4

Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - 13

Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - 9

Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft -  8

Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - 20 Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - 21 Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - 22 Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - 31

Here are all my faves from the latest photo shoot. There are lots of fresh vintage picks and new handmade goods popping up in the shop! If you haven’t already, head over to Calivintage for a chance to win $100!

The Beautiful and Inspired Natalie Brown

posted on: April 10, 2014

Natalie Brown

Natalie and I had the best day shooting for Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft -’s spring collection. She is so beautiful inside and out and her spirit shines through the camera. We worked so well together and enjoyed every minute, it felt so organic and natural. In addition to being a wild beautiful spirit, she’s also a very talented metalsmith(look for her work coming soon to the shop!) She has also written and published one of my all time favorite books, The Lovebird, a book about a young woman discovering her truth through animal rights activism, love and a Native American sensibility towards the earth. I highly recommend reading her book and I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend. I was completely immersed and touched by her book and I really can’t believe I know such an inspired writer. I can’ t wait to read more, she’s currently working on another novel and a collection of short stories!  Find her on Facebook to stay tuned for more works to come!

Fresh from the Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - Studio

posted on: April 8, 2014


New designs are emerging from the Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - studio! Also, head over to Calivintage where I am offering a $100 giveaway!

Hand Dyed Paint with Clay Scarf $45 / Handmade Moonstone Earrings $ 45 / Handmade Sun and Moon Earrings $64 / Hand Dyed Galaxy Scarf $45

At Home in Our Skin

posted on: April 8, 2014


” Anything that removes what grows between our hearts and the day is spiritual. It might be the look of a loved one stirring their coffee as morning light surprises their groggy eyes. It might be the realization while watching a robin build it’s nest that you are only a temporary being in this world. It might be a fall on ice that reminds you of the humility of your limitations.

The aim of all spiritual paths, no matter their origin or the rigors of their practice, is to help us live more fully in the lives we are given. In this way, whatever comes from a moment’s grace that joins us to our lives and to each other – this is spiritual.

The life of spirit is everywhere: in dust waiting for light, in music waiting to be heard, in the sensations of the day waiting to be felt. Being spiritual is much more useful and immediate than the books about books would have us think.” – Mark Nepo

A mediation practice…

* Center yourself, and as you breathe, realize that your spirit fills your life the way your bones and blood fill your hand.

* As you breathe, realize that your life fits the world the way your warm and living hand fits a glove.

* As you breathe, feel your spirit fill your skin and feel your skin fit the world.

From The Book of Awakening by: Mark Nepo

Image source unknown

Love this Look

posted on: March 28, 2014

love this look

Love this look, pair cut-off shorts with a simple, lightweight sweater. I think I found my uniform for spring.

 Vintage Slate SweaterVintage Classic Black SweaterVintage Red Wool Sweater

Background photo by: Jensen Taylor

New Arrivals

posted on: March 28, 2014

new arrivals 2

Lots of new goodies in the shop, take a look and find the piece that was meant to be for you.


posted on: March 27, 2014

Amy Dover

Wolves as a keystone species play a critical role in restoring balance to ecosystems. Spiritually they represent guardianship, ritual, loyalty and spirit. Unfortunately they are the most misunderstood of the wild animals. They are highly intelligent, sentient beings who care deeply for their family and live by carefully defined rules and rituals. Many believe that the true test of America’s sincerity about protecting the environment remains around whether or not the wolf remains protected. Right now is a really important time to speak up for wolves.

Currently there is a proposal to delist the wolf from the Endangered Species Act at a time when protection is critical. Please take a moment to write to Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel and let her know you stand for wolves and oppose the delisting. The deadline for commenting is March 27th, so act now.

Artwork by: Amy Dover

No-Fuss Style

posted on: March 26, 2014

Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - No Fuss Style 1

Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - No Fuss Style 2

Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - No Fuss Style 3

Sertraline (Antidepressant) Can You Drink Caffeine With Zoloft - No Fuss Style 4

My dear friend Alyson recently wrote me asking for help with her style. She had a wonderful list of demands and wants her to style to be… “primarily driven by practical comfort…no high heels, no strappy shirts or dresses, no skinny jeans, nothing too trendy that will age/date me if I wear it again the following year.” Well said!

I know exactly how she’s feeling, stuck and uninspired. I often get in this rut and sometimes all it takes is spotting another woman at the grocery store who’s style stops me in my tracks. Then, I can run with this rush of inspiration and find all kinds of new outfits in my closet, finding new and unexpected combinations, like mixing two prints that kind of clash but are kind of awesome, or throwing on my husbands shirt tied at the waist to compliment my favorite maxi dress, or piling on one more layer that gives the outfit more interest. I also find when I come across a new or vintage pair of shoes, bag or scarf it instantly refreshes my entire wardrobe. So my advise to Alyson was this…

1. Sometimes simple is best. Don’t over think it. Vintage 501 Levi’s

2. Denim on denim feels brave and offers a great canvas for some funky jewelry and/or accessories, don’t be afraid to pile on your collection of chunky turquoise jewelry! Handmade Serape Bag

3. A simple, comfy white or black dress is a wardrobe staple, something you can dress down, or elevate with an elaborate necklace. Handwoven Neutral Space Necklace

4. Mix feminine and masculine. Pair your favorite comfy maxi dress or long skirt with one of your husbands button-up shirts tied at the waist, a great western hat, or some classic oxfords. Vintage Western Hat

Outfit images found here.

The Power of the World Works in Circles

posted on: March 25, 2014

power of the circle

“You have noticed that everything an Indian does is in a circle, that is because the power of the world always works in circles, and everything tried to be round. In the old days when we were a strong and happy people, all our power came to us from the sacred hoop of the nation and so long as the hoop was unbroken the people flourished. The flowering tree was the living center of the hoop, and the circle of the four quarters nourished it. The East gave peace and light, the South gave warmth, the West gave rain, and the North with it’s cold and mighty wind gave strength and endurance. This knowledge came to us from the outer world with our religion. Everything the Power of the World does is done in a circle.  The Sky is round and I’ve heard that the Earth is round like a ball and so are the stars. The wind, in it’s greatest power whirls. Birds make their nests in circles, for theirs is the same religious as ours. The Sun comes forth and goes down again in a circle. The Moon does the same and both are round.

Even the Seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were. The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood and so it is in everything where power moves. Our tipis were round like the nests of birds and these were always set in a circle, the nations hoop, a nest of many nests where the Great Spirit meant for us to hatch our children. ”

- Black Elk from the book Touch the Earth.