Mariah and Ember

(photo by: Pam Omohundro)

Hi there, I’m Mariah and the creator of Everything Golden, a blog about style, contemplation and activism.

I grew up in the mountains around Sun Valley, Idaho. Exploring the wild with my parents left me with a deep connection and appreciation for nature. I was lucky enough to grow up in a community of craftspeople who instilled in me a creative spirit that I hope burns for as long as I live. Those two things — creativity and the wilderness — are what drive me most. Now, I can be found making jewelry, raising our little Ember and running Wilder Goods — a women’s boutique and art gallery with a focus on handmade, independent and vintage clothing and goods — created by myself and Jen Tapp.

Style is something I contemplate often, I sometimes struggle with the vanity of it, the consumption of things we don’t need. I see style as philosophy — a way to explore our truest self and process our existence. For me, style is much deeper than a visual quality. If you dress mindfully, it can communicate your essence. My richest style moments are when I feel a connection, often to my mother, a memory, or the feeling of being absolutely present in the moment — completely influenced by whatever informs my life at that moment.

Contemplation is my form of spirituality. I find solace in poetry, meditation, mysticism, and dreams.

Activism is something I need to do in order to keep my anxiety at bay and not fall into despair. I hope to use this blog as an avenue to motivate, inspire, connect and help myself and others to build courage and resolve against injustice.

Want to Contribute?

Feel free to speak your truth here. I will be accepting submissions in the following areas;

  1. Style Lineage – Send a photo of your mother, grandmother or great-grandmother (as far back as you want) and describe what you see in her style — how that style describes her essence — and how you relate.
  2. Contemplation – Submit a poem, a dream, a vision, a meditation – anything that evokes a deeper sense of being.
  3. Activism – Submit a thoughtful, well-researched commentary on one of the following areas; wildlife, the environment or social justice, followed by clear suggestions on ways to get involved.

Send your submissions to Keep in mind, I may not be able to respond to every submission. xx – Mariah


  • Amy

    Hi Mariah,

    I was first pointed to your website a couple of years ago by a blogpost on TOMBOY STYLE by Lizzie Garrett Mettler. I loved your aesthetic right away (it’s beautiful), but one of the things that totally caught my eye about your site was the “WOLVES” tab. Having this section that was unrelated to your business, but devoted to something you are passionate about, really struck me. I put the idea in my back pocket as something I would one day love to do, should I have the same platform.

    Your cause also really struck me that day. I don’t live in an area of Canada where wolf management is top of mind, but I found it compelling, and really admired (admire) you for speaking about it in the context of your blog/business.

    That was a long intro to the very simple reason I’m writing you 🙂 I just finished reading “Part Wild” by Ceiridwen Terrill, a book about the author’s experience raising a wolfdog and everything that she uncovers about these heartbreaking creatures in the process. Your website came to mind, and I just wanted to send the book recommendation your way!

    .. and also thank you for sharing all of the gorgeous content that you do on your blog + in your shop!!

    Take care,


    • goldenstyle

      Hi Amy,

      Thank you so much for writing! You just made my day, really, your words give me fuel to keep going. I haven’t heard of this book and will absolutely pick it up. I feel like I’ve been a little absent from the world of wolves and would love to get pulled back in and inspired. Thanks again!

      All the best,


  • Celina

    hi, i love your stuff! I was just wondering in your DIY landscape pillows on Spoonflower what fabric you used 🙂 ?

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