Stop Wolf Killings in BC

Photo by Yannick Menard on Unsplash

Now that I am free from the responsibility of the brick and mortar shop, I have more time and energy to contemplate the things that matter most to me like wildlife. Specifically, halting the persecution of predators like wolves and bears. As I reopen myself to the heartbreak of the unnecessary killing of these animals — in a world facing the 6th mass extinction caused by humans — I’m often moved to tears. The only way to not get swept away in anger and sadness is to act. I am recommitting. Today I came across this petition to stop the killing of BC wolves. This story is sadly, not new. Every year this issues rears it’s ugly head again, where special interests get their way and indiscriminately kill wolves from helicopters. All in the name of “preserving” ungulate population for hunters, even though science tells us that healthy carnivore popluations help maintain a healthy ecosystem and regulate ungulate populations. Villainizing wolves is a very old-fashioned way of thought and needs to be revised to fit the available science and moral evolution of how we should treat nature.

Please take a moment to sign and if you can, personalize your message.

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