Moving on

Change is good. As hard as it was to close the shop, it’s been a great move and I’m reveling in some much-needed solitude. It’s funny, I went from occupying a 1400 sq ft space to a 200 sq ft space and rather than be a limiting factor is has allowed for more. More creativity, more energy, more time with my family. I’m getting back to my old loves— things that are closer to my heart like writing, wildlife advocacy, photography, graphics, fiber and clay. Working behind the curtain is much more suitable for me. Still, I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. It was a wild and wonderful ride and I’m grateful for every moment. For how much I learned about business and art. For all the kindred connections, especially my neighbor Angela Zanolari and our long meandering mystical talks. And for the space itself, those beautiful old wood floors and the dressing room/yoga cacoon. There were many memorable moments that I will cherish forever like meeting Jen Tapp and discovering our collaborative potential and friendship. I’ve never met anyone who complimented my creative vision so beautifully. She’s my favorite co-visionary and I’m excited to be open for future projects with her. And for the love, support and inspired presence of Rose Demaris, who always believed in the shop and helped me sustain shop hours during a time when I was unsure about continuing. My favorite events were, Where the Wild Things Were —a gathering of artists and conservationists that stimulated heart-opening conversation around protecting wildlife, and Woven was an opportunity to mix my loves of weaving, poetry and dance. The workshops are what sustained me through that last year. I was blown away by all the talent that came through those doors. Alayna Rasile inspired me to create the workshop space and offer classes. Learning and experimenting with her has opened my mind to new creative horizons. Jasmine Lilly has been by my side since the beginning and offered stabilizing support as well as infinite creative ideas for the evolution of the shop. It wouldn’t be what it was without all these incredible women and all the people who joined us along the way. 

My little space now is perfect, nestled in the forest on the side of our house. It’s an outdoor sunroom with brick floors, a sink and windows all around. A room that had been mostly neglected and now is filled with everything I love. It’s my new favorite place. This whole experience has taught me about our natural need for expansion and contraction. We live in a society that is so focused on doing big things and for relentless growth in business, but that doesn’t take into account our natural need to retreat into our own cave in order to replenish our creative resources. I am grateful for my husband and my family who allow me the opportunity to do just that. 

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