Inner Peace — A Poem

I desperately needed this —

to sit here next to the fire
listening to the hum of our home,
the crackling fire
the washing machine
the silent presence
that is always calling us to sit
and just be.

Life carries us away
in all her blessings,
or do we get carried away?

There are infinite distractions
met with infinite silence and peace
in every moment gifted to us.

At this time of the month
with the fullness of the moon
I desperately need to retreat
Yet I’m met with resistance — from my life — my loves — myself
and I feel my entire being scream out for silence
like a child —
all tangled up and confused by so many emotions.

I feel healed in this moment.
Healed by the fire,
by this pen and paper,
by the poets who have danced this line
and opened up portals
to the inner life —
the place of sacred, quiet, space.

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