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This is the first part of a series called ‘Style Lineage’ — where we explore style in relation to our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers — as far back as we can see. I got the idea from this amazing book that was gifted to me called, ‘Women in Clothes,’ a philosophy on style. They present a series call ‘Mothers as Others’ where women submit photos of their mothers before they were born and describe what they see. I couldn’t get enough and thought, why not continue a version of that here. Below is my style relationship to my mother. I hope you will join me in sharing photos of the women who came before you and how they inform your style today. Send submissions to everythinggoldencontent@gmail.com. (please keep in mind, I may not be able to respond to all submissions)

Above is a photo of my mother on her wedding day. She passed away 17 years ago. My richest style moments are when I put something on, a pair of her earrings or a dress that reminds me of her and our connection comes alive. I so admire her style, especially during this time in her life. A time when she was really coming into her own, pioneering a healthy food movement in an isolated place, exploring natural medicine and more sustainable ways of living. She embodies earthy elegance. I never did connect, or really appreciate her in this way when she was alive. We were very close but never had the chance to explore a relationship as friends. Now I have her photos and stories told from her women’s circle and her style to try and understand the ways we would have connected if she were here today. In a way, these elusive ways of connecting have their own magic, not burdened by the complexity of human relationships.


I loved her wedding dress so much I recreated something very similar for my wedding. Again, because she wan’t there, it was a way for me to feel like she was. xx –Mariah

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