A Tarot Reading for Uncertain Times – by Charissa Crayton

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In the tumult of emotions following the election I sought to gain understanding and focus in an otherwise dark cloud. The tarot has always been an aid which has helped me reset and accept insight that I otherwise would not be open to receiving. Ready or not, we’ve got some work to do.

The Tower

Our situation is one of drastic, sweeping change. The Tower comes not when invited but when it is needed. The old ways are disintegrating and though unasked for, the changes that are coming are exactly what we need to reach higher levels of consciousness.

The Prince of Wands

Our situation is influenced by the Prince of Wands. Naked and unashamed he rises from the ashes of the Tower — all adornments burned away — he can now awaken to his true nature. That of Creator, divinely inspired.


Awakened, and in a whirlpool of emotion and possibilities, how can we achieve that which we long for most deeply? Temperance calls on us to learn the alchemy of creation. We know this to be our highest calling and yet it is a lost art. Or an art being birthed, new to us all, free of rules we can write the playbook.

The Wheel of Fortune

Still in dreams, our hopes and our fears swirl round and round the Wheel of Fortune. If what goes up must come down, how are we to find enough balance to take right action? We must center ourselves and know what we stand for even as the storm blows around us.


Judgment has been passed. There is nothing to do but rise up. Our individual world views have been stripped away and we have been offered the chance to see from a higher perspective.

The Magician

What are we entering into? A time of magic which benefits all. The powers of The Magician which have been awakened in us can only be fully developed if we offer them in the service of all. This is our time, our chance to give full expression to our creativity and create the world anew.


Humanity is dying to the old ways, but it need not be a painful process. We can run from our Death or welcome it with open arms and be transformed. The easy way or the hard way, it’s up to us.

The Seven of Cups

The energy which is surrounding us is one of excess and imbalance. We have created the world around us and now we are waking up to a painful reality. The Seven of Cups is an invitation to recognize our shadows and overcome them.

The Two of Wands

The way forward is less a path than a tightrope. Yet in our heart of hearts we know ourselves capable of crossing it. We must master ourselves for, as the Two of Wands tells us, the way forward lies within each of us. Gather your strength, center yourself, and become a pioneer of inner work.

The Nine of Pentacles

How to understand our current situation and put it in a context we can apply? Nine of Pentacles, giving and receiving. If we can dig deep and find the magic and wonder, or more simply put, Love, that resides in all of us, imagine what we can then create. What is our highest goal as humanity? It is to realize ourselves and to give willingly and lovingly to the world we have been given. The more we give the more we receive, and each of us seeking and sharing our individual vitality is the way to realize our common dream.
Charissa Crayton is an devoted practitioner of many self growth and healing practices. Having spent the past twelve years using the tarot as a means of self reflection and personal growth she has realized that the best way to grow further in this field is to share what she has learned for herself with others. She finds that the tarot in conjunction with other spiritual and physical practices adds greatly to a sense of purpose and understanding that we all long for in life. Her other devotions include a decade of Karate practice which has also brought many insights and growing phases. Also, daily meditation aids in keeping her centered and aware of those subjects close to her heart.
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