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Image from Solange’s video ‘Cranes in the Sky’

I’ve been stuck in a 70’s folk music fog for a while now. It’s not a bad place to be but I desperately needed some new inspiration. Lately, I’ve been finding that spark in spades. So, instead of the typical old rock and folk mixtapes, with the occasional token indie song, I put together a mix that is current and relevant to what’s going on in the world right now. With movements like Black Lives Matter and The Water Protectors — resisting the Dokota Access Pipeline, I’m embracing the urgent need for these uprisings. For a while, I’ve been wondering where movements like these were hiding. I was craving the activist energy from the 70’s — painfully aware of all the injustices being played out — mostly under the mainstream radar. It’s been said we’re in the year of The Tower, where old systems break down and chaos ensues in order to bring positive change. Anyone else feeling this? I see music and art as a way to help us digest everything that’s happening. So here it goes, listen here.

1. Weary — Solange

2. Paradise Fell — Kaia Kater

3. Third Eye — Florence and the Machine

4. Centre (feat. Shad) — Tanya Tagaq

5. The Werewolf — Paul Simon

6. Only a River — Bob Weir

7. Brother, What Happened? — Muddy Magnolias

8. Kill Your Mama — Alicia Keys

9. A Day for the Hunter, A Day for the Prey – Leyla McCalla

10. R.E.D. (feat. Yasiin Bey, Narcy & Black Bear) — A Tribe Called Red

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