Ember Turns 3


I’m still reveling in my morning poetry time. The thing I love most about taking this time to read/write poetry is that it allows me to linger in that dreamlike space before filling my mind with thoughts about the day. And once I have a poem in mind, it can hold me in that space and serve as a reminder throughout the day, to return to that place of quiet reverence. Ember turned 3 on Saturday and amidst all the celebration, I was able to take a moment and reflect on our time together so far.


Fire in my belly,
light of my life.

Like the Phoenix rising,

you expose me
to the world
in all it’s raw beauty.

I am pulled
back and forth,

from utter frustration
to pure bliss.

Through this tension
the blessing is revealed.

No blessing comes without struggle,
and isn’t that a blessing!

Life would have no depth,
if we coasted
on love alone.

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