Save Wild Bison

save wild bison via everything goldenIn the US, only one Wild Bison population still roams free—the Yellowstone buffalo. Considering their fragile existence, they are still legally harassed, abused and slaughtered due to ranching special interest and lack of free land. They are protected within the Yellowstone park boundaries, yet the park boundaries only compromise 1/10 of the total Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and these boundaries do not allow for their natural migrating needs—including their winter range. YNP sits on a high plateau that makes it inhospitable during the winter, requiring them to migrate outside the boundaries where they face a very uncertain future. They need our attention to ensure they remain wild and free. The Buffalo Field Campaign is a grassroots organization that works tirelessly to bring light to these issues and work on solutions. Recently, the Wild Bison has been designated as the National Mammal of the United States. Although this is an honorable mention, it did not come with any legal protection which they desperately need. Thanks to the Buffalo Field Campaign, you can help by visiting helpwildbison.com.

Also, this print will soon be available at Wilder Goods and all proceeds will go to wildlife protection.

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