Mother Earth Mixtape

mother earth mixtape

This mix is inspired by a dream I recently had which carried the full weight of the hurt we’ve caused Mother Earth and ourselves due to the disconnection from her and a sense of oneness. Sometimes I feel like our dreams allow us to feel the full breadth of our emotions and situations when it’s too much in waking life. Climate change is a huge emotional burden to take on and it’s overwhelming and hard to know what to do—I struggle with feeling small against the enormity of the problem. This dream was a wake up call for me. I’m still not sure where it will take me but I’m going to stay awake and listen. I chose an image by Georgia O’Keeffe because when I look at her paintings I instantly feel an embodied connection to the feminine and Mother Earth. Listen here!


1. Shake – Shook Twins

2. My City Was Gone — Pretenders

3. Big Yellow Taxi — Joni Mitchell

4. Hello Earth — Kate Bush

5. (Nothing But) Flowers — Talking Heads

6. Where do the Children Play — Cat Stevens

7. After the Gold Rush — Neil Young

8. Mother Earth (Natural Anthem) — Neil Young

9. Society — Eddie Vedder

10. Medicine Wheel — Kate Wolf

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