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So, I want to talk about social media. I’m feeling really strange about it all. I find that I get so addicted to Instagram that I can’t even make myself step away for a day. I post and delete things constantly, feeling unsure of myself. Who cares?! And I can’t help but get caught up with the vanity of presenting the best image of myself, myself also being my brand which I’m trying to build and building that requires getting more and more followers. Will it never be enough? I’m realizing that I need to practice being present with my business — enjoying where I’m at in the process instead of constantly focusing on where I want to be, or comparing myself to others. I also think often about my daughter growing up in this new world. Middle school is awkward enough without Facebook. Still, there are things I love about social media, the way you can organically grow your brand without obnoxious advertising and how inspired I get from seeing other mamas, makers and small business owners orchestrate their lives. Even so, I think I need to push the reset button, probably wander into the woods – that’ll do it!

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  • Kristi

    Thanks for sharing Maria. I completely agree with you on the topic. Social Media has definitely been a huge part of the growth of my business but doesn’t always feel right. Its nice to share a bit of my life with people, but when does it go too far? It has been a big topic of conversation at our home with the baby on the way. I think privacy is going to be important for her / him and I will have to work on a balance.

    I always enjoy your photos and feel that they have an organic flow in your marketing. Nothing feels pushed or contrived.

    Hope we can get together in the future!

    • goldenstyle

      Hi Kristi, so sorry I thought you were someone else when I first read this. So glad to be sharing this world with you and I can’t wait to get to know you better. And the little one on the way!

  • jen

    hey you! thank you so much for sharing this. i have my own reserves about the whole concept. it can be so helpful with a growing business, but i agree with you. staying in the moment, and enjoying the process is key. i get overwhelmed with how it “should” look. looking forward to the future:)
    much love.

    • goldenstyle

      Thanks Jen! I just know with every fiber of my being that we’re going to do amazing things together.

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