DIY – Moon Phases Wall Hanging

Moon Phases Wall Hanging

I had a slow weekend after our party on Friday. Although the warm weather has been nice, and I’m glad it held out for our party, I also welcome the cold — here comes winter weather. To celebrate this rainy, slow day I made a wall hanging using a soy wax relief method. It was really fun and easy, so I thought I’d share with you! 

What you’ll need: 1. Any natural fabric such as cotton, silk, hemp, linen or wool. 2. Fiber Reactive Procion Dye(I used jet black) 3. Salt 4. Soda ash 5. Soy wax flakes 6. A paint brush 7. A tin can 8. Sythrapol 9. A stick

First prepare your fabric by washing with hot water and synthrapol, this will remove any impurities that can interfere with the dye.


Then iron your fabric so it’s nice and flat and draw your moons with a pencil, the pencil marks will wash out.


Then put down some newspaper next to your heat source and tape down your fabric over the newspaper so it won’t move around as you paint on the wax.


Put a couple tbs of wax flakes in your tin can and set in about an inch of boiling water. Once the wax flakes melt, you are ready to paint.

Paint the wax inside your moon drawings, using plenty of wax. I splattered some of the wax at the end to add a galaxy effect. Be careful if you splatter hot wax!

While the wax is drying, prepare your dye bath.

Dye Bath

Add one tbs dye, one tbs soda ash and 2 tbs salt to your container. Add a touch of water, just enough to make a paste, then fill your container with about 2 cups warm water. I let the water sit until it cooled down a bit. Hot water will eat away the soy wax and you might lose part of your design that way.

After the wax has dried completely submerge your fabric in the dye bath and let sit for about 20 minutes, more if you want a darker look, just watch to make sure you’re not losing your wax in the dye bath.

Then remove your fabric and wash with warm water and synthrapol to remove the wax and any excess dye. Attach to a found stick and hang on your wall!

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