A Woman’s Best Friend

indie and ember

Indie has been my sidekick for the past 12 years. She inhabits a huge part of my heart and is always at my side. Her sweet, playful, sassy energy brings so much joy. I swore that she wouldn’t be pushed aside when Ember arrived. I have been making an extra effort to make sure she is loved, yet inevitably more of my energy goes to Ember, there is really no way around it. And so came this dream…

Last night I dreamt that Indie was running away with another family. I frantically went after her and just when I thought I had lost her, she came back to me. As we were walking away from the other family, she turned into a woman and I began to tell her how much she meant to me and how important she was to Ember. She started to cry and it was apparent how much she needed to hear that. When I woke up, I went to Indie, got down on the floor with her and told her how much I appreciate her, how she’s a wonderful sister to Ember and I love her more than ever. I could tell she was so happy to hear it, then she went over to Ember and kissed her. It was such a sweet moment! I love when my dreams carry over into my waking life, such a blessing!

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  • fede

    Wow, this almost made my cray, Maya Bear!!!
    Indie has been indirectly part of my life as a college student as well when we all used to live together in Mikey’s house…I miss her so much and I cannot believe how wonderful she still looks and how caring she seems to be with your lovely daughters, who shamefully I have yet to meet in person, but feel like I know through your images and message. I love you all and a trip to Montana is over-due. Kisses to the furry and loyal Indie for me and hugs to the little fairy princess and yourself sister friend.
    FEDE 🙂

    • goldenstyle

      Ahhh, thanks Fede! Indie misses her crazy Italian friend! We would be overjoyed by a visit from you. xxoo

  • Meagan

    I can fully admit this struck a nerve with me. Your dream is a massive fear of mine – I have a younger dog who is absolutely my ‘child’ but I know the day isn’t far off from when I will (hopefully) have a real baby. I am not worried about child birth or breast feeding or all of those things that normal women worry about, I worry about my dog. She is so obsessively in love with me – loyal to a fault. I have no idea how she will react when I grow a little mini me. She is ok with children but not great (yet). I hope she will learn to treat the baby as an extension of me and we will all be a team together and I have to channel you and make sure I make her feel wanted and appreciated, although the babe will likely be the star of the show…. Thanks for sharing.

    • goldenstyle

      Oh Meagan, I know how you feel! I was really worried too and I won’t gloss over it because as much as I didn’t want things to change between Indie and myself, it’s inevitable. That said, I think your thoughts and intentions are beautiful and as long as you keep those in mind, you’ll find a groove. And those sweet moments between baby and dog(they are rare, mostly Indie is just annoyed of Ember;) are like gold! I wish you so much joy in your dog and (baby?) adventures!

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