I love wolves

The more I learn, the more I fall in love. If I’m feeling low, I can browse photos of this amazing creature along with other wild animals and I feel inspired and calm. Seeing their pure affection and dedication to family, their wild spirit and stunning beauty awakens my soul. I am lucky enough to live in a place where wolves, mountain lions and bears also live and because of their presence, I feel a strong spiritual connection to this land. Unfortunately, nasty politics continue to undermine their immense spiritual and ecological value. There are so many people filled with hate and misinformation towards wolves and predators and it baffles me that we haven’t evolved beyond this useless hate.

Garrick Dutcher of Living with Wolves recently wrote a beautifully crafted letter to Governor Snyder of Michigan asking him to reconsider a recent bill that would allow wolves to be classified as game and therefore hunted unnecessarily. Not only is he pushing for this bill but he is working on a loophole to shut out the opportunity for the people of Michigan to vote. I encourage you to read Garrick’s letter and write to Governor Snyder telling him you support this letter the rights of the people to vote.

Also, grey wolves across the US could lose crucial federal protection. You can urge the new Secretary of the Interior: Sally Jewell that recovery is far off and wolves desperately need protection. Hopefully, Sally Jewell will be a steward for wolves and wildlife and will shift the course of the former Secretary Ken Salazar’s anti-wolf disastrous politics.

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  • Arrowleaf

    Sorry to be a bummer, but did you read the news about the second Yellowstone wolf shot by the local rancher? Depressing to say the least. I won’t even get started on the latest Idaho politics….at least not on your blog space filled with beauty, creativity, art, and all the good things to enjoy in life while backwards decisions are being made!

    • goldenstyle

      Yes, I did hear about that piece of work “rancher”. He lured the wolf out of the park and shot her. I was too pissed off and sad to even bring that one up. It’s beyond my comprehension.

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