DIY – Block Printing

For my latest contribution to Sugar and Charm, I created hand printed napkins. This is a fun and easy way to add personality to anything…napkins, tea towels, t-shirts, onesies, you name it! Once you’ve created your stamp, you’ll want to print on everything in your home! Here’s how you do it…

What you need:  1. An ink roller 2. A soft printmaking block 3.Carving tools 4. Oil Base Block Printing Ink 5. Vintage hankies or blank napkins 6. Old spoon, or rolling pin 7. Old cardboard

Instructions: To make the stamp, you’ll first draw your image on the rubber block and start carving away the areas that you don’t want to show. Once you have your stamp ready, squeeze some ink onto a large piece of cardboard and with your roller, spread the ink out so it’s evenly distributed on the roller. Then roll the ink onto the block, you might need to carve away more areas outside the image that the ink has adhered to. Then spray your fabric with water and place on top of the block directly onto the ink, use a roller or a spoon to press the fabric into the block. Carefully remove the fabric and let dry. The ink used for this process is thick and usually takes 24hrs to dry. Once it’s dry, it is safe to machine wash.

Also, check out DIY – Hand Dyed Vintage Linens for instructions on how to make the tie dyed napkins.

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