Oppose Anti-Wildlife Bills

There are a few bills currently under review that if passed, would be very bad news for wolves and wild bison. You can voice your opposition to these bills here. When choosing where to address your message select > committee  > House Fish, Wildlife and Parks and oppose the following bills…

SB200 – Shoot wolves on sight bill – this bill allows wolves to be killed at any time on private land in Montana – for no reason. It also gives free wolf hunting licenses to all big game hunters in Montana. This bill is currently in the Senate Fish and Game Committee.

HB73 – This bill would prevent the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Commission from ever again trying to protect Yellowstone National Park wolves by closing areas outside the park to wolf hunting and trapping. It also takes other steps to increase the number of wolves hunted and trapped.

SB143 – This bill would order Montana officials to kill or remove all bison migrating into Montana and end tribal and state efforts to restore wild bison. This would bring historic efforts to restore wild bison to Montana’s great plains to a screeching halt.

Even if you don’t live in Montana, it’s good to hear from people everywhere. As taxpayers, wildlife belongs to all of us, and we all have a say in how they are managed!

Info found on Defenders of Wildlife.

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  • madison

    voted against all three! thanks for letting us know about this stuff, it is often hard to be informed of such legislation you’re an eastcoaster like me

  • stellaFAE

    So, I live in New York but a good friend of mine lives in Montana. I am hoping my little vote helps! I’ll be sending him the info to vote as well….

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