Yellowstone Wolves

I recently wrote about the Yellowstone wolves that were killed by hunters just outside the park’s boundaries. The MT Fish Wildlife & Parks Dept. did a great thing and closed two areas just north of the park to hunting and trapping. Unfortunately, there was a restraining order placed on that decision that forced them to re-open the area. The FWP is now accepting public comments on this issue until Jan. 25th. If you want, you can add your comment and let the FWP know you stand by their decision to protect Yellowstone wolves. They deserve to be here and they need our voice. Here is my comment…

I strongly support your decision to close these areas to hunting and trapping.  I am familiar with the studies that these wolves are a part of. It’s incredible knowledge that we are finally gaining about the behaviors and ecological impact of this elusive animal. We have learned that they are highly intelligent, sentient beings that care deeply for their families. Hunting and trapping leaves the fragile social structure of their pack compromised. They also experience intense grief when they lose a part of their pack. In addition, they play a critical role in maintaining a healthy balanced eco-system. The Yellowstone studies have offered groundbreaking insight into these dynamics and there is so much more we can learn. I admire your decision to protect these animals and I hope you can continue to do so. 

Also, Ken Salazar has stepped down from his position as the Secretary of Interior (yay)! Salazar is very anti-wolf and a proponent of trophy hunting! You can contact the White House and urge President Obama to elect Congressman Raul Grijalva who has an outstanding wildlife ethic.

Photo by: Living with Wolves

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