DIY – Camera Strap with Vintage Belts

I’ve been wanting a new camera strap for a while now. So, I thought I’d make one with some character. I found these cool vintage belts at a local antique store. One of the belts had the name Jane on it, so I thought…what a perfect opportunity to name my camera! Here’s how you make your own camera strap…

What you’ll need: 1. One or two belts depending on the size. Wrap measuring tape around your shoulder and figure out what a comfortable length is for you. (I ended up using two belts to get the length I wanted but you might find a belt that is long enough. If you do, you can leave the buckle on the shoulder end of the strap and you’ll have an adjustable feature.) 2. A leather punch, found at most craft and sewing stores. 3. Scissors and a hammer 4. Strong material that is small enough to fit through the camera strap hooks. 5. Measuring tape 6. Rivets

Instructions: Measure and cut your belt/belts to the appropriate size. In my case I cut the ends of my two belts leaving about 2″ overlap. Punch 4 holes into the leather using the leather punch. You want the rivets to be a snug fit inside the holes so use the appropriate size punch. I recommend practicing on some scrap leather if you haven’t done this before. Then overlap the leather, slip the rivets into the hole and using a hard surface, hammer the rivets to secure the two pieces of leather together. For the connection to the camera, I left part of the strap that was currently there and attached the leather to it’s ends. Every camera is different and I’m sure there are many different ways to do this. I’d love to see other similar creations!

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  • Jill

    Is this really your camera?! You do realize, don’t you, that my Sis is Jane??!! You know, the one who has breast cancer, who does photography that I love and admire and am so inspired by?! This is so cool!! (I made a 2 yr. calendar using some of her photos that I planned on giving you for Xmas, but they screwed up the order and it had to be redone. I have them now, and will be sending to you soon!!)

    • goldenstyle

      Oh, I didn’t think of that but it’s so unbelievably perfect!! So in line with what we were talking about the other day! I love her work. I can’t wait to see the calendar, what an awesome gift, thanks Jill!!

  • Eden

    Love this Mariah! So cool and creative 🙂

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  • Tamsin

    This looks fab! What a great idea, thank you for sharing 🙂

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