Yellowstone Wolves

The most popular wolf in Yellowstone National Park was killed by a hunter this month along with other collared wolves that have been part of a decade long study. Since wolves were taken off the Endangered Species List in WY a couple months ago, there have been aggressive wolf hunts just outside the park resulting in as least 7 deaths. You can listen to the full story here. The thing about wolves is that scientists and wildlife enthusiasts who frequently visit the park to see the wolves, get to know them as individuals. Wolves have their own distinct personalities and behaviors and people who watch them grow attached. I find it disturbing that the intrinsic and financial value of these animals is undermined by hunting laws allowing them to be shot just for wandering outside the park’s invisible boarders. If you agree, you can write the Governors of ID, WY and MT and let them know that you’re upset about the recent loss of wolves and remind them that these animals belong to the nation, not just special interest hunting groups and that you support stronger protections surrounding the park. You can also write the White House and ask them to stop delisting.

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