DIY – Hot Pads

Here is my latest contribution to Sugar & Charm. This is a very simple sewing project that makes for a great, personalized gift that’s both functional and attractive to display in the kitchen.

I had some black and white photographs printed via Spoonsflower. I then found some colorful printed fabric to give a cool contrast to the black and white. If you have some nice photos, I suggest trying out Spoonflower, they do a great job and it gives a traditional kitchen item an unexpected twist.

How to: You’ll need batting for the stuffing, I used 3 layers. After cutting your fabric into appropriate sized squares you’ll sew the two pieces together, rights sides facing each other. Sew each side leaving enough room on one side for your hand to easily fit inside. Turn right side out, then stuff the batting and spread until it’s even. For the handle use a strip of the patterned fabric, fold it right sides together, sew three sides then turn right side out with a chop stick.

Place the handle in the open side then close it up by sewing all the edges(this gives a nice border and helps the batting stay in place).

Most hot pads are sewn in a checkered pattern to give a quilted look but I kept it simple by sewing only a small x in the middle to keep the batting in place without complicating the image.

That’s it! Roll it up, tie it with a bow and walla! The black and white photos also translate well on stockings, pillows, the applications are endless!

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