I spoke at a hearing regarding wolf management in Bozeman the other day. It was so freaking intimidating. I was addressing county commissioners and spoke in opposition to a resolution one of them drafted to increase wolf killing. The discussion can be exhausting and at times demoralizing which is how I felt after the hearing when a couple people went so far as to say we need to take care of the “wolf problem” before they start snatching up our children! Moving forward, I hope to be part of the solution and not get too caught up in the “fight.” I’m excited to be the graphic designer for a local non-profit Keystone who specialize in helping people and predators peacefully co-exist. I’d like to stay positive and offer some time and energy towards solutions that can ease social tensions about wolves and other predators andĀ secureĀ a viable future for them in this beautiful wild land that I call home.

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