Who Will Speak?

posted on: June 30, 2015

Andreas Lie

Amazing artwork by: Andreas Lie (You can purchase very affordable prints here.)

WHO WILL SPEAK? by: Linda Hogan

If all the animals came from the hills,
if all the fish came from the rivers,
and all the birds came down from the sky
we would know our lives,
somewhere between the mountain
and the ant.
We would see what we do pass by
and return
around Earth’s curve.

All I know are these rivers,
and the air and wind
carving down the trees
with their invisible hands
until the trees are bent figures of old men
and then only empty space.
a longing that passes.

And the sorrow says,
the animals,
who will speak for them?
Who will make houses of air
with their words?

And the mouth of a man,
the tongue
that belongs to grass and light
and the four-legged creatures.

He speaks of tomorrow.
He gives voice to small animals.
He gives a seat to the eagles.
Words for the fish.
The golden light of creation.

The world returns.

I do not want to break this spell.
I do not wan the words to fall away.
I do not want to break this spell.

– Linda Hogan from her book Dark. Sweet.

Layers of Beauty Mixtape

posted on: June 26, 2015

layers of beauty mixtape via Everything Golden

1. Western Wind – Alison Harris
2. Fangs  - She Keeps Bees
3. Wild Is the Wind - Cat Power
4. Wading Deep Waters – Crooked Still
5. The Law - Emily Jane White
6. Sunshine on My Back – The National
7. Divine –  Laura Marling
8. Angels - The xx
9. Con Toda Palabra - Las Migas

Listen here!

Bear Medicine

posted on: June 24, 2015


Today is a great day to write about my tattoo. I had a dream last night that brings everything full circle. I have come so far from a year ago. I was dealing with some mega postpartum anxiety and fear was literally running my life.  With the help of a wonderful therapist, or guru rather, I got back in touch with my dreams and my most inner self. The bear has been a frequent visitor both in my dreams and waking life and has offered so much comfort. Bear medicine represents the power of introspection…

“To become like Bear and enter the safety of the womb-cave we must attune ourselves to the energies of the Eternal Mother, and receive nourishment from the placenta of the Great Void. The Great Void is the place where all solutions and answers live in harmony with the questions that fill our realities. If we choose to believe that there are many questions in life, we must also believe that the answers to these questions reside within us. Each and every being has the capacity to quiet the mind, enter the silence and know.” – (from the book Animal Medicine by Sams and Carson)

In most of the dreams the bear was a strong steady presence, non threatening, yet I still had fear every time I saw her. In my dream last night, the bear started coming towards me, so I surrendered and laid down on the earth and the bear came and snuggled me! It was the perfect metaphor to surrender to fear and you will be cared for (metaphor is the key word here, don’t try this is waking life, ha!)

This image also represents the power of motherhood. The confidence and strength that you innately get from being a mother. I definitely feel more solid in my convictions and more self-acceptance. It also represents the fierce yet sweet bond between mother and child. When I actually got the tattoo it brought up a lot of emotions around the loss of my mother and even though she is no longer physically present, that link is still strong.

I also want to say in all honesty that in addition to therapy and meditation I also needed anti-anxiety medication. I’m very thankful that I had this option as I needed it to stay grounded for my daughter and our family through a difficult time. I was worried that it would stunt my spiritual growth but it only gave me a foundation to explore and be more present.

New Arrivals

posted on: June 23, 2015

New Arrivals template June 15

There are some lovely new items in the shop. New hand-dyed scarves and jewelry made by myself and friends as well as some vintage dresses that would be great for attending summer weddings.

From left to right // Vintage Red Shirt Dress / Handmade Snake Ring / Vintage Black 70′s Geometric Dress / Pre-loved Cole Haan Boots / Hand Dyed Strokes at Dusk Scarf / Handmade Arrow Jacket Earrings

Jewelry Holders

posted on: June 19, 2015

Jewelry Holders via Everything Golden Blog

When you’re out exploring, keep your eyes out for triangle shaped rocks, they make for great jewelry holders. I like to keep them all over the house.

The Ma Books

posted on: June 18, 2015

Photo by Pam Omohundro via Everything Golden

Photo by Pam Omohundro

I’m over at The Ma Books today, talking about mother daughter style. It was a really fun article to write, to discuss with friends and try to capture that elusive quality that is true style.

The vintage dress I’m wearing is from my friend’s shop El Heart and Ember’s dress is handmade and hand dyed using all natural materials by my friend Mattie of Juniperous.

DIY Natural Brass Polish

posted on: June 11, 2015

Polishing Brass via Everything Golden Blog

Polishing Brass via Everything Golden Blog

Polishing Brass via Everything Golden Blog

I make a lot of jewelry with brass, mainly because it’s a beautiful, more affordable alternative to gold. The only issue I find with brass is that it tends to tarnish easily. So, I found a natural and easy way to polish and brighten your brass.

Here’s how (original recipe found on Apartment Therapy)


1/2 a lemon

about 1 tbs baking soda

Mix ingredients together until it forms a paste. Mixture will fizz in the beginning but will settle when you stir. Use a cloth to rub the paste onto your brass and voilà, your dingy brass is now bright and shiny!

Summer Lovin’

posted on: June 11, 2015

Summer Style - Everything Golden Blog

This summer for me has been all about flowering flowing skirts, denim — always some denim. Round, classic shades and a mini jute bag.

Shop these items // Vintage Italian Countryside Skirt $42 / Vintage Denim Zip Tank $35 / Vintage Leather and Jute Bag $60 / Handcrafted Wood and Black Sunnies $105

Creativity and the Burnout Factor

posted on: June 2, 2015

Everything Golden Blog

I’ve been feeling really, really burnt-out lately. I’ve been working like a dog and not seeing much payoff. Being a one-woman operation can be exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to live my dream, express my vision. I know in my heart that I’ve found my true path, now I worry that I can’t sustain it. Last night I had a dream I was a part of this amazing creative studio. The energy in the room was off the charts. There were people playing music, bringing the whole room to tears. There were visions for photo shoots that were out of this world. I woke up feeling inspired and then I read this poem by Patti Smith…

high on rebellion

what i feel when i’m playing guitar is completely cold and crazy. like i don’t owe nobody nothing and it’s a test just to see how far i can relax into the cold wave of a note. when everything hits just right (just and right) the note of nobility can go on forever. i never tire of the solitary E and i trust my guitar and don’t care about anything. sometimes i feel like i’ve broken through and i’m free and could dig into eternity riding the wave and realm of the E. sometimes it’s useless. here i am struggling and filled with dread—afraid that i’ll never squeeze enough graphite from my damaged cranium to inspire or asphyxiate any eyes grazing like hungry cows across the stage or page. inside i’m just crazy. inside i must continue. i see her, my stiff muse, jutting about in the forest like a broken speeding statue. the colonial year is dead and the greeks too are finished. the face of alexander remains not solely due to sculpture but through the power and magnetism and foresight of alexander.

the artist preserves himself. maintains his swagger. is intoxicated by ritual as well as result. look at me i’m laughing. i am lapping S from the hard brown palm of the boxer. i trust my guitar. therefore we black out together. therefore i would wade thru scum for him and scum is ahead but we should laugh. ascending with the hollow mountain I am peaking. we are kneeling we are laughing we are radiating at last. this rebellion is a gas which we pass. – Patti Smith

This poem captures perfectly how I feel. It reminds me to enjoy the ritual and stop grasping too hard for the result. To surrender to the “scum” and laugh! To appreciate the ups and downs and enjoy the ride. Creativity comes from a fluid place, not a rigid one that is too concerned with the outcome. Thank you dream and Patti Smith for infusing me with hope!

Art on Denim a Collaboration with Susan Connor

posted on: May 30, 2015

Susan Connor and Everything Golden

susan connor and everything golden 3

Susan Connor and Everything Golden2

Susan Connor and Everything Golden - Art on Denim

So this is exciting. Susan and I have been working on this collection for a few months now and we’re over the moon with excitement to finally be sharing it – a collection of carefully selected vintage denim hand printed by artist Susan Connor. The project is a symbiotic combination of my vision for a relaxed, grounded lifestyle and Susan’s focus on American-made wares that are easy on the planet. From Montana to NYC and back again, check out the full collection and let us know your thoughts!