White Butterfly

posted on: July 11, 2016

white butterfly

I debated for a while whether or not I should share this poem. It’s very personal and I feel it comes from a sacred place. I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be shared, or stay close to my heart—free from outside judgement. I even consulted the I Ching, which lead to more confusion. I sometimes find that consulting outer wisdom—as enlightening as it can sometimes be—can also bring you further from your own internal knowing. It’s funny, after all this energy I spent debating, I realized I had already published the poem, instead of just creating a draft. So, I guess my subconscious went ahead and sent it out…

White Butterfly

There you are again—
ushering Her spirit,

floating by
to open our hearts

and dissolve
our human

We try to contain you with concepts;
divine messenger?

The truth lies beyond.

and we feel you,

in your simple

For a moment,
at least

dream and dreamer
are one.


Muse – Jane Goodall

posted on: July 9, 2016

jane goodall

Photo: Michael Nichols/National Geographic

I know it’s to be expected—an animal lover who looks up to Jane Goodall. Still, I want to share my gratitude for her and what she has done for the collective psyche in relation to animals, their role in our world and the interconnectedness of all beings. I just finished her book, Reason For Hope, and I’m deeply touched. Through her life and work she has been carried by a spiritual life that’s both rooted in her own tradition and stretched by life’s experiences, a larger worldview and her connection to nature. Even through the darkest of times, she finds the strength to lean towards the light and find reason for hope. I’m in awe of her bravery—especially as a young woman—driven by a steady internal desire to work with animals, she ventures into the African wilderness. She entered this new territory with little fear, despite all the unknown. I had a dream last night that I was called to walk through the forest in the night and I was too afraid. One of her favorite things to do was walk through the forest alone, guided only by the moonlight. What an ultimate act of surrender! Even with some of the inherent dangers associated with the wild, dangers that would cripple most of us, she entered with an awareness and reverence for all animals—so called safe or dangerous—that I believe offered her protection and guidance. I’m left wanting more and have happily discovered she has written many books. Next up is, Hope for Animals and Their World.

Wild Within: For the Love and Protection of Wildlife

posted on: June 24, 2016

wild within blogThese cards were created out of a shared love and deep reverence for wildlife, especially the animals we share our land with. All proceeds will go to wildlife protection. We will be focusing on local efforts to protect wild bison, wolves, bears, elk, or any wild animal that needs support and attention. Currently we’re passionate about ESA protections remaining for the Grizzly Bear in the Greater Yellowstone Area. We’d love to use proceeds from these cards to help with billboards, rallies etc… to help raise awareness during the peak tourist season in Yellowstone National Park. There are so many wonderful people and organizations working tirelessly to protect animals and we’d love to support their work. These letterpress cards are available here for $5 each. Share with a friend, or keep as a beautiful reminder of your own love of the wild. xx – Mariah and Jen

Save Wild Bison

posted on: June 22, 2016

save wild bison via everything goldenIn the US, only one Wild Bison population still roams free—the Yellowstone buffalo. Considering their fragile existence, they are still legally harassed, abused and slaughtered due to ranching special interest and lack of free land. They are protected within the Yellowstone park boundaries, yet the park boundaries only compromise 1/10 of the total Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and these boundaries do not allow for their natural migrating needs—including their winter range. YNP sits on a high plateau that makes it inhospitable during the winter, requiring them to migrate outside the boundaries where they face a very uncertain future. They need our attention to ensure they remain wild and free. The Buffalo Field Campaign is a grassroots organization that works tirelessly to bring light to these issues and work on solutions. Recently, the Wild Bison has been designated as the National Mammal of the United States. Although this is an honorable mention, it did not come with any legal protection which they desperately need. Thanks to the Buffalo Field Campaign, you can help by visiting helpwildbison.com.

Also, this print will soon be available at Wilder Goods and all proceeds will go to wildlife protection.

New Arrivals

posted on: June 17, 2016

new arrivals june 16

Shop life is treating me well. Wilder Goods has been a dream come true. I’m in awe every day of the talent that comes through that door. It’s an absolute joy to share it. After a long dormant period I’m feeling inspired in my jewelry making. It helps to be among other jewelers who’s work inspires me to take it the next level. We’ve been busy with the website. Check out some of the latest…

1. vintage 70′s stripe skirt 2. vintage woven leather clogs 3. handmade silver and gold sunburst ring 4. earthy tumblers 5. beast of burden vase 6. hand printed triangles throw 


posted on: May 31, 2016

dance collage

I started dancing again. This time in a more formal way than I’m used to. I’m in a lyrical class and am falling in love—with the movement, the teacher, the dancers.

Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques. Lyrical dance challenges choreographers and dancers to use motion to interpret music and express emotion. A lyrical dancer’s movements attempt to show the meaning of the music. Lyrical jazz is a very passionate and emotional dance style.

Of course for me, part of the whole experience is in the style. I didn’t allow myself to indulge in new clothing at first, I wanted to make sure it was something I would stick with and I really didn’t want to feel like a poser in my brand new dance outfit with no dancing skills to back me up. I’m still nowhere near the level of the other dancers but I’m starting to relax into it. I used my birthday money to buy some dance clothes from Ripple Yoga (images 1 + 2) and it was money very well spent. Adva’s designs imbue natural elegant style and perform effortlessly. I also love this ‘get fit’ editorial from The Dreslyn (images 3 + 5) And who knows, maybe I’ll save up for this bag (image 4) by Abaca as a gift to myself for my progress.

Unearthed Film

posted on: May 25, 2016

outdoor tub

deep forest


black and white winter

blue and black

washed white winter

I’ve had this roll of film floating around for over a decade now. I finally had it developed and I was thrilled to find some real gems. It makes me want to revert to film immediately. There is a quality that you can’t touch with digital. This roll also benefited greatly from age—I’m so in love with the tints that snuck in. I also had a moment looking through the photos wondering if it was myself or my mom who took the photos. It made me happy to reflect on the similarity of our vision.


Mother Earth Mixtape

posted on: May 22, 2016

mother earth mixtape

This mix is inspired by a dream I recently had which carried the full weight of the hurt we’ve caused Mother Earth and ourselves due to the disconnection from her and a sense of oneness. Sometimes I feel like our dreams allow us to feel the full breadth of our emotions and situations when it’s too much in waking life. Climate change is a huge emotional burden to take on and it’s overwhelming and hard to know what to do—I struggle with feeling small against the enormity of the problem. This dream was a wake up call for me. I’m still not sure where it will take me but I’m going to stay awake and listen. I chose an image by Georgia O’Keeffe because when I look at her paintings I instantly feel an embodied connection to the feminine and Mother Earth. Listen here!


1. Shake – Shook Twins

2. My City Was Gone — Pretenders

3. Big Yellow Taxi — Joni Mitchell

4. Hello Earth — Kate Bush

5. (Nothing But) Flowers — Talking Heads

6. Where do the Children Play — Cat Stevens

7. After the Gold Rush — Neil Young

8. Mother Earth (Natural Anthem) — Neil Young

9. Society — Eddie Vedder

10. Medicine Wheel — Kate Wolf

Everything Golden x Wilder Goods

posted on: May 20, 2016

wilder goods blog

For those of you who don’t already know, I want to share some very, very exciting news. I’ve joined forces with a fellow jewelry designer/vintage collector/style goddess—Jennifer Tap of Clyde to create a new shop called Wilder Goods, still with the same vintage and handmade goodness and so much more. For you Bozeman folks, you can visit us in the Emerson Galleria (suite 107c) or visit us online at shopwildergoods.com. From here on out, Everything Golden will be selling exclusively at Wilder Goods and will have the capacity to offer a much broader selection of thoughtfully curated goods. Thanks so much for following along on our journey!! xo Mariah and Jen

Don’t Delist the Grizzly!

posted on: May 4, 2016

grizz photo

I’m all fired up about this current proposal to remove Yellowstone-area Grizzly bears from the endangered species list. Removing them from the list would allow for a hunting season—exposing these magnificent, sentient beings to trophy hunters—it’s beyond my comprehension. Prominent biologists have made it perfectly clear that the Yellowstone Grizzly population is still at significant risk due to climate change. As history has proven with wolves and other keystone predators, handing over management to Idaho, Wyoming and Montana is a very bad idea. Just look at this billboard that recently went up in Cody, Wyoming. This is the kind of mentality we’d be exposing the bears to. For sure, Grizzly bears can be dangerous. I live near and hike in grizzly country and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I revere their presence and find it humbling to live in an area where we are not the top predator. With a little bit of mindfulness and planning, we can co-exist with Grizzly bears and other predators. If you have any feelings at all about this, please speak up now. These bears need our voice. Here’s what you can do…

1. Submit your comment to the USFWS and let them know that you oppose delisting. Comment period ends May 10th. Here are some suggested talking points I’ve gathered from The Center for Biological Diversity, and Heart of the Wild Yellowstone.

– Prominent biologists have made it clear that the Yellowstone-area Grizzlies are still at significant risk due to climate change and other human caused pressures. Grizzlies are losing 3 out of 4 important food sources (whitebark pine cones, Yellowstone cutthroat trout, and winter-killed ungulate) Grizzly bears occupy less than 5% of their historic range in the western lower 48 states.

– Idaho, Wyoming and Montana have a track record for setting objective population goals for the minimum target, which has led to the slaughter of thousands of wolves in the northern Rockies. Trophy hunting of the grizzly is not sound management of the species. There should be a three to five year moratorium on even considering hunting as a management tool.

– The majority of citizens support protections of these animals. A recent poll by Wyoming Wildlife Advocates and Humane Society of the United States found that 55% of Americans oppose delisting, while just 26% support it.

– The Yellowstone area population gene pool is too small and is disconnected from populations to the north. There are no plans to provide opportunities for the grizzlies to reach other bear populations to allow for biological diversity and dispersing individuals are subject to persecution, making connectivity all that much less likely.

2. Sign petitions, here, here and here

 3. Read this well-crafted letter, written by Doug Peacock and signed by many prominent biologists including Jane Goodall. Write to President Obama expressing your support for this letter.